Granada Concierge was conceived by
Ian Rutter and Andrew Watson in 2018.

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We, Andrew and Ian, offer a range of services for people who want to really get to know Granada Province in Andalucia. Not just as fleeting visitors, but as friends welcomed into this hugely warm and culturally rich part of Spain.

Whenever you visit a new city or country, it helps to chat to someone who has either visited the place, or who lives there.  Through our inside knowledge, you can find out the best places to go, where to eat, which bars have the best atmosphere and, equally, the places to avoid.

Granada is a very Spanish region, and it is not always easy, even for residents, to find out what is on and when.  Festivals and fiestas are numerous, concerts come and go, the best beaches are hard to find and out of the 2,000 or so bars in Granada city how on earth will you know which serve the best tapas? We are here to help with just those questions.

Our CREATIVE COURSES have also been designed to introduce our guests to a traditional way of life, not just a scratch of the surface.

Our aim is to share our knowledge to ensure that all our visitors to Granada get under the skin of the region, and see beyond the brochure or tour guide.

What gives us the credentials to make such bold statements as "we can help you enjoy Granada to the full"?

Ian Rutter

For most of the past 18 years, Ian has moved between the travel and marketing sectors. He has, for several years, arranged private villa rentals around the world and organised creative course holidays on a private Greek island estate. For 10 years, he was a director of two marketing agencies in the UK. He is a radio broadcaster and presenter, and has provided the voice for a number of e-Learning training courses both in Spain and the UK.

Ian has extensive knowledge of the travel industry and works as a Tapas Tour Guide in Granada, hosts a radio programme, paints and teaches English as a Foreign Language.

Andrew Watson

Andrew is a freelance graphic designer and has designed award-winning children's books for publishers across the UK. As well as book design Andrew is developing his own design business inspired by the colours and landscapes of southern Spain.

Andrew is a keen sportsman, and has taken part in the London Marathon, a gruelling Triathlon and is a very keen cyclist. He enjoys exploring the countryside round Granada on his bike and trail running.


Both Ian and Andrew love this part of the world - the people, the history, the landscapes, the culture and, of course, the food and wine. Since making Spain their home, the couple have taken the time to explore many parts of Andalucia and Granada in particular, and continue to be inspired by all that they discover.