Questions relating to our CREATIVE COURSE HOLIDAYS

What is included in the price of the course?

Each course description will give details of everything that is included in the price. However, as a standard, every course includes full-board accommodation in a private, ensuite bedroom in the venue. Every course will also include an excursion into Granada for an activity pertinent to the particular course - a visit to tapas bars, for example, or a trip around the Fine Art Gallery.

Is there any free time during the course?

During the week-long holiday, there will be one completely free day for you to do as you wish. We would suggest that you may want to book tickets to visit the Alhambra Palace in Granada on that day, or you may prefer to just chill in the village and walk through the stunning landscapes.

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are experts in their field. Every tutor we work with has taught similar courses either in the UK and/or across Europe. They are used to working with groups of beginners and above, and everyone is welcome.

How large are the groups?

For most of our courses, the optimum number of participants will be between 8 and 10 people. We find, from experience, that this is a great number for both participant interaction and tuition. Any more than 10 and the group can become unwieldy and any less than 8 and the group can be a little quiet. For our cookery courses, we tend to work with slightly smaller groups (6 - 8 people) as it is such a hands-on course, as you can imagine!

Is there a fixed itinerary for each course?

The short answer is yes. We work with each tutor to accommodate his or her favoured way of teaching and we allow plenty of time for relaxation. These courses are designed to allow a lot of time to be inspired by the area in which we stay, and that can only happen if there is time to connect with nature, go out exploring, visit local markets and meet local people.

I am a solo traveller; are these courses suitable for me?

Absolutely! For several years, I (Ian) organised similar courses on a Greek island estate and creative courses are one of the most inclusive travel experiences. We aim to ensure that every guest of ours becomes immersed in the joy of the discipline and, through the creative content, they get to know much more about the people, culture and nature of Andalucia. You will get to know lovely people, either fellow participants or residents of our fabulous village.

I would like to bring a friend or a partner, so is there anything they can do while I am on the course?

Lots. If your partner or friend has any specific requirement, we will do our best to help. In the immediate vicinity, there are some gorgeous hiking routes, but it is possible to hire bikes, arrange trekking in the high mountains, go rock climbing, sailing, kayaking, horse-riding…you name it, we can do it.