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GRANADA CONCIERGE is launching a range of creative course holidays that will allow visitors to Granada Province to get under the skin of this beautiful part of Andalucia, and learn more about the culture, the history, the landscapes, colours and flavours of southern Spain.


A dance course that explores the history of Flamenco, influences from around the world, its gypsy heritage and modern-day interpretations. You will learn the techniques, beats, and choreography accompanied by guitar and cajón.

The 7 day course will include:

  • 5 days’ tuition covering technique, choreography, singing and percussion

  • Live flamenco performances

  • Full board accommodation

No previous dance experience necessary, just lots of enthusiasm. If you would like to specialise in Flamenco guitar, or the cajón, and have some experience this can be arranged.

Our Spanish (English-speaking!) tutor will work with a cook from our village to create a culinary experience that is truly Andalucian. The recipes that will be followed have been passed down over generations and use the best local and seasonal produce.

This 7 day course will include:

  • 5 days’ tuition including visits to local markets

  • Tapas tour around some of the hidden bars in Granada, wine tasting and jamón carving

  • Full board and accommodation

No experience necessary - just a passion for good food and wine!

The plants and flowers of Granada have been well documented for centuries.

Your tutor will help you to capture the delicate beauty of every aspect of the flower, the leaf and the fruit and we explore botany through watercolour.

The 7 day course will include:

  • 5 days’ tuition, working from life in the stunning Andalucian landscape

  • Visit to the Museo de Bellas Artes in the Palacio de Carlos V in the Alhambra Palace complex.

  • Full board accommodation

Materials will be provided; no previous experience is necessary.

Our tutor has been teaching yoga around the world for many years and is one of the most respected yoga teachers in the United Kingdom.

This 7 day course will include:

  • 5 days’ tuition drawing on the Chinese Five Elements Philosophy

  • Discovery of Andalucian history and culture

  • Full board accommodation

Join us for a week of mindfulness, exercise and wellbeing in a beautiful setting, surrounded by the vast landscapes of Andalucia.

All our courses are supported by the local community, and each course has a surprise element that will integrate the participants into village life thereby providing unique insights into the traditions, history and culture of this beautiful corner of Andalucia.

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