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Groups can be difficult to manage, when you take into account the many different requirements, likes and dislikes. We have heard of one poor group of visitors that was taken to the Albaicin area of Granada and left there to wander for 6 hours! The Albaicin, lovely as it is, does not warrant a 6-hour visit. As well as preparing a portfolio to cater for the widest range of group tastes, we will also arrange to meet the group 'leader' when the group arrives to go through the portfolio in detail and make suggestions that will provide the best possible options for everyone in the group. We will take into account logistics, practicalities and timescales to make the visit to Granada the best it possibly can be.

BEST FOR: groups of between 8 - 12 travellers. If you have a larger group and would like a portfolio, please contact us with your specific requirements.


What happens when you place an ordeR

Clicking on the 'Order the Portfolio' button below will take you to a brief questionnaire in which we ask for some essential information regarding your visit to Granada: name, contact details and dates of visit.  Once you have placed your order, within 24 - 48 hours (or sooner if your request is urgent) you will be contacted by either Ian or Andrew by phone or email for our consultation with you during which we will find out a little more about you.  We use this information to curate your portfolio.  Within 48 hours after your consultation, we will send you the link to your personalised portfolio. 

If you like the sound of this but have questions before you order, you can contact us clicking the link below. Alternatively have a look at our FAQ's page