1. Choose your portfolio

Our four flexible portfolios have been designed for solo travellers and couples, families, groups or for those travellers who would like on-hand recommendations and suggestions. Here is our guide to help you decide. 

2. Order the portfolio

Once you have chosen your portfolio and received confirmation of your purchase, you will receive a short questionnaire for you to complete and send back to us which will ask for information such as travel dates, number of people, age groups, allergies etc. 

3. Consultation

Once we have received your basic information we will then contact you either by phone or email and ask a bit about the things you and/or your group generally like to do in your free time, hobbies, likes and dislikes. This is so we can understand a bit more about the type of person you are and what might appeal to you on holiday, and of course what you DON'T like! It's very informal but the more information you give us the more likely we are to create a portfolio that you will love.

4. download the portfolio

Once your portfolio is ready (please allow up to 7 days in peak season) we will send you a password-protected download link. A portfolio is an A5 sized PDF that has been designed for a smartphone or tablet. If you prefer you can print it out.  Depending on which portfolio you choose, and the recommendations we make for you, these documents will vary in length. Every portfolio contains detailed descriptions of our recommendations and suggestions, with photographs, map references and additional pertinent information.



Our portfolios are beautifully designed for you 

Our portfolios are designed and curated by us for you and filled with experiences that we, ourselves, have loved and that we think represent the very best of Granada and it's Province.  Through consultation with you, we try to suggest those elements that we think you will love.

The descriptions are aimed at giving you, the traveller, the information you need to make a decision, and will contain all the highlights and any pitfalls, including a host of other recommendations such as nearby cafes or a great churros bar or perhaps a shaded garden to escape the sun. 

portfolio contents

The portfolios vary, as each one is tailor-made, but will contain a minimum of:

GC example
  • A summary of the items we have chosen for you to discover during your visit
  • A detailed description of each destination outlining specific things that you should look out for such as the best spot for a photograph, menu recommendations, best tables to sit at or tips to get the best deals. 
  • Essential information such as the best visiting times, drive times from Granada, opening hours, entry fees etc.
  • An interactive map of the region that will plot every destination including your accommodation and any other points of interest we think may be relevant. We will be using the latest what3words location technology to make sure that you not only reach your location but find the best spot or viewpoint within the nearest 3 meters. To find out more about what3words see below.
  • Language glossary and colloquial terms that will help you get the best from the visit.


The portfolios are not itineraries or schedules

We will not give you day-to-day breakdowns - you are too independent for that!  We may suggest the best times of day for certain experiences, and will tell you how much time to allow to enjoy a certain activity, but other than that you are free to pick and choose at your leisure.



What3words is a very simple and very accurate location app that is perfect for pinpointing specific locations, particularly in countries where postcodes can be ambiguous (such as Spain!). Using the technology, we can highlight very particular places, down to a specific table in a restaurant, for example, that we think will enhance your visit. 

To use this you must first download the app which you can do for FREE here

Once you have downloaded this app you can then use the what3words map and 3 words locations that we provide in your portfolio.

Visit the What3words website for more information.