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For independent travellers, we curate PERSONALISED MINI GUIDE BOOKS based on specific interests - detailed portfolios recommending the BEST places to visit, what to see, where to eat and how to get there.

For those people who want to learn about Andalucia through creative activity, we offer a range of CREATIVE COURSES designed to immerse the participants in a quintessential landscape that stretches far beyond the course itself.


Based on an initial consultation with each client, we curate a personalised portfolio of recommendations and suggestions based on specific interests. The best places to visit, things to see, where to eat and how to get there. Unique insights into this fascinating part of Spain.

Learn about the culture, history, food, people, landscapes and nature through immersive creative experiences. Each course is designed to give participants unique access to village traditions, the landscape and historic sites or deeply embedded cultural influences.


There are huge differences between simply visiting a place for a holiday and actually travelling to immerse yourself in a culture.

At GRANADA CONCIERGE, we provide travellers with unique routes into the culture of Granada Province in Andalucia. Whenever we ask anyone what it is they love about Andalucia, the replies invariably include The People, The Food, The History and The Culture and we hope that, through us, our clients can savour all the ingredients that make up this evocative and memorable part of Spain.

Through our activities, we are occasionally asked to help PROPERTY owners to market their homes; homes that echo the ethos of our business. These hand-selected properties offer opportunities to contribute to the culture and community in which they are located.


Granada Province is one of the 8 provinces of Andalucia. It stretches from the coast at Almunecar all the way north east to the mountain range of the Sierra Cazorla. Its a vast and varied landscape which is why there is so much do here!